Amelie Mancini Studio

Amelie Mancini is a French artist and designer based in Brooklyn, NY.  She creates playful and elegant patterns using linocuts and original drawings, then turns them into personal accessories and home goods.Amelie has a background in painting but has always loved making things with her hands. She really enjoyed making linocuts and was looking for new ways to incorporate art in everyday objects so she decided to print some new designs on fabric. Working from her print-cut-and-sew studio in Ridgewood, Queens, she begins by drawing a pattern on paper and carving it onto a block of linoleum, scans them to create a repeating pattern, which she then burns onto a screen. She hand screen prints, cuts, and sews all her fabrics in her studio with the help of her team. She started with a few tea towels and napkins and then expanded her line to a variety of pouches, wallets, eyeglass cases and bags. Amelie's love for all things cacti and botanical shines through her west coast inspired design style.