Marta Pia

Marta Pia is a multidisciplinary designer and maker based in Brooklyn, NY.

Growing up in Spain as part of a creative family, she developed a curiosity for different creative processes at an early age. After spending the first years of her professional life learning simple manufacturing techniques for a number of different materials such as leather, metal, and clay, Marta started selling hers as well as other designer's pieces under the brand name Maker's Circle. However as of December 2015, Marta decided to focus on her individual work and host it under her personal name with the intention of honoring Maker’s Circle the collective purpose it was initially intended for (still figuring that one out!).

Marta spends most of her time in her studio in Brooklyn, either at the jewelry bench or at the potter’s wheel, but she also has a passion for various Marbling techniques, which she incorporates in her work and shares with other artists, all of it with the intention of making everyone's life a little bit dreamier.