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Grenville Society

Grenville Society was founded by Vija (vee-a) Kuras in 2016. No matter if she was living in Livonia MI, Chicago, New York, or Toronto, in an apartment above a bar, in a high rise condo, a tiny studio, or in a home, Vija has always enjoyed playing hostess with the mostess. After spending many nights digging through kitchen cupboards in an attempt to find that elusive corkscrew, she made it her mission to design one that could come out of hiding, and take its rightful place atop beautifully styled home bars and bar carts. The first design is the Pineapple Corkscrew. The Pineapple has long been recognized as a symbol of hospitality, friendship and warm welcome...all traits only made better paired with a glass of vino! We hope you enjoy our products as we continue to grow, and no matter what remember to Be Kind. Be Useful. Bring Wine. Cheers!

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