Nomatiq was founded in May of 2017 by Alice Kim and Orest Mashtaler. With a background in product design, and an entrepreneurial spirit, the founders of Nomatiq Co. are developing beautiful and intriguing products for an open-minded and progressive customer base.

More products from this brand:

  • Iridescent Opalite Geopipe
  • Marbled Howlite Geopipe
  • Clear Quartz Geopipe
  • Smokey Quartz Geopipe
  • Black Oil Slick Dual Arc Lighter
  • Electric Blue Dual Arc Lighter
  • Golden Dual Arc Lighter
  • Labradorite Galaxy Geopipe
  • Rainbow Dual Arc Lighter
  • Black Obsidian Geopipe
  • Purple Dream Amethyst Geopipe
  • Rose Quartz Geopipe
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