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Might Delete: Share the Reflective Narrative is on display at Canal Street Market during NYCxDESIGN week - May 18-25.

Join us for a celebration of design and of those who are currently making great work!

Tag us in your "might delete" selfies and use our hashtag:



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The social media age provides the average user with a platform to contribute to the collective conversation. It has fostered a new awareness in the way we see ourselves and are perceived by others. We put our social approval on the line, and risk being canceled, with every post we type.

Reflective objects, such as mirrors, allow identity and environment to intertwine within a single frame. The exploration of self through material objects prompts reflection about our being, belongings, and spaces. The selfie both a constraint and a freedom. We curate which elements of our identity and chosen environment are seen. Selfies invite others to approve or disapprove our interests and attitudes. Captions like “felt cute, might delete” grant us permission to retract the action and explore a different avenue.

For Might Delete: Share the Reflected Narrative, designers and makers were tasked to create reflective objects where the viewer can project their current selves onto. It is up to them to determine what pictures they'll take, upload, and might delete.

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