Celebrating the Collision of Design, Technology, and Sound: Shaping the Future

Designers and performers, from ancient Greek theaters to today’s modern multi-sensory festivals like Coachella and Burning Man, have used these stages to provoke and re-examine what’s happening in the world to envision a better future.


Today, we are grappling with the fallout of socio-political echo chambers, we’re experimenting with new ways to play and engage with each other, and we’re sounding the alarm on social causes world wide, all while in constant search of the good vibes that can ground and connect us.


Next May, the American Design Club and NYCxDesign will challenge designers to create product, environmental experiences and performances using the collision of design, technology, and sound. The two week long show at the Times Square Design Pavilion will be called Sound & Vision. This is your chance to connect with people in public spaces, retail stores, private events and through the media.


The mission of the American Design Club has always been about giving designers a platform to showcase their ideas and sell their work. We invite you to join us to explore how your ideas will play a part in the shaping of the future. 



Hope you can join us in this celebration.


Past Shows