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5 Innovative Gifts for Wine Lovers

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

If you love wine, you better take a look at these innovative gifts for wine lovers!


1. The Monti Decanter - Designed by Sempli

The Monti Decanter is inspired by the mountainous peaks of the Alps. When you pour your wine into this decanter, it flows over that peak, aerating the wine and enhancing the flavor in one simple pour.


2. Wine-O's - Designed by Graf Lantz

Keep track of your wine glass with a tasteful Wine-O! Forget about tacky charms hanging off of your glass. These modern, simplistic felt rings make it easy and beautiful to mark your drink.


3. Pineapple Corkscrew - Designed by Grenville Society

We all have a corkscrew, but they're usually nothing special to look at. Grenville Society has designed a beautiful corkscrew that you can be proud to leave out on your bar cart or table.


4. Brass Coasters - Designed by Kiel Mead

These brass coasters are a great table top addition. Protect your surfaces while keeping it cool and classy.


5. Wine Diagram - Designed by Archie's Press

This wine chart will school you on the different wine varieties and their flavor profiles.

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