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Appointed - An American-Made, Beautiful, and Functional Product

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Suann Song is the founder and owner of Appointed, LLC, a stationary brand that specializes in high quality, American made, beautiful desk products.


Where are you from? What city/state do you work out of now?

Originally from Seattle but call Washington, D.C. home. I’ve lived in the D.C. area for nearly 20 years and we’re proud to base Appointed in D.C.

What do you design?

Everyday, elevated paper goods—notebooks, planners, paper accessories—products you use in your everyday work. 

What influenced or caused you to begin designing the product/s that you design?

As a graphic designer, I saw a need for beautiful and functional everyday products to use in my work. After realizing there are very few American-made products in this category, I decided to create a product line that inspires productive and creativity and proudly made stateside.

Out of all of the products that you have designed, what are you most fond of?

The notebook. It was our first product and it is something I use everyday.

What defines your work or your brand and sets it apart from others out there?

We create a suite of paper products to be used throughout your workday — from notebooks to planners to adhesive notes. Each product is created with the same philosophy — beautifully designed, functional tools that inspire productivity and creativity.

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