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Bold Tuesday - A Design Duo From a Country of 1.3 Million, Who Travel and Map The World!

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Markus Marks and Kairi Kuuskor are the founders of "Bold Tuesday," where they design travel maps and posters that encourage us to keep exploring the world.


Where are you from? What city/state do you work out of now?

We are from Estonia - a tiny country in northern Europe (only 1.3 million people). We are located in the capital city, Tallinn. So our studio and physical products are there. But we, ourselves, can work from different locations - we are digital nomads, so sometimes it’s Tallinn, Barcelona or, as at the moment, Bali.

What do you design?

Travel maps & posters! The poster hanging rails and accessories. So you can mark your travels in style. We keep things minimal, simple, and black & white. Our professional background is product design, so every idea we think of needs to be perfect, user-centered, meaningful and fresh.

What influenced or caused you to begin designing the product(s) that you design?

That’s a good one. We wanted to have a spark in our life, to have a more significant meaning. Because we were already a small product design studio (worked with local Estonian companies offering design services), we wanted to try out creating something on our own. We both loved traveling, we had good knowledge in product design, and we're foolishly young. What did we have to lose? So here we are, after four yours, we are conquering the world.

Out of all of the products that you have designed, what are you most fond of or connected to and why?

Probably it’s our LIST OF COUNTRIES. 196 countries organised by area from biggest to smallest. And there are many reasons: It looks visually stunning, it’s educating, it’s unique, one of a kind and people love it so much!

What defines your work or your brand and sets it apart from others out there?

Firstly, we are not only a brand who sells maps, but we also build a community (#boldtuesday).

Secondly, our design (whether it’s a product design, branding or social media) is staunchly independent and different from others. Thirdly, we love our brand. We love the design, we love traveling. And that’s Bold Tuesday.


One of the AMDC team's favorite Bold Tuesday products is the “GO WORLD” Poster map. It arrives completely black, and with each country that you visit, you peel off the black sticker that is covering that area of land, revealing the country. One by one, you can reveal the world map, the more you travel!

Follow Bold Tuesday on Instagram at @boldtuesday

Follow us on Instagram at @americandesignclub

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