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How to Entertain Your Inner Child.

Updated: Jul 7, 2022


Have you ever wanted to play with a set of toys, but resisted the urge because you are technically an "adult?"

At a certain age, we stop playing with toys, because toys are meant for children. But many of us never lose that sense of play. This is where designer toys come in. These are toys that have been designed for an older crowd to appreciate.

Locknesters, designed by Fleet Hower.

Fleet, founder of Locknesters, has been creating 3D printed puzzles that take the forms of beloved animals such as bears, dogs, and dinos! With over eighteen 3D printing machines on hand, Fleet has created a business out of making interactive sculptural objects.

These puzzles are fun to piece together, yet have the aesthetic of high-end, contemporary desk-top objects.

Shark & Diver Building Kits by Heavy Eyes

Heavy Eyes is a design studio that has created window-front displays for big name brands such as Hermes, Barney's, Knoll, and Theory.

They've been known to create incredibly graphic, yet lifelike sculptures out of paper, felt, and leather. Now they've created something that we can all actually get our hands on. Heavy Eyes has designed a Shark and a Diver building kit in their style and aesthetic - bringing 2D sheet materials to life in the form of 3D objects. The kits come flat packed with die-cut plastic sheets and rivets to attach them together. Directions can be followed in the form of a video on the studio's website.

The results:

The Shark and Diver kits actually pose a real challenge to the adult builder, and require some time and attention. And the results are fantastic!


Where do you see designer toys going in the future?

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