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Fulton & Roark : Innovating Men's Fragrance & Grooming Rituals

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Meet Kevin and Allen Shafer, founders of Fulton & Roark, an innovative men's grooming brand.

Where are you from? What city/state do you work out of now?

Kevin: My partner, Allen is originally from Dallas, Texas. I'm from Atlanta, GA. We started Fulton & Roark in Winston-Salem, NC.

What do you guys design?

K: We design innovative men's fragrance and grooming products. 

What influenced you to create Fulton & Roark?

K: We created Fulton & Roark because we saw that lots of men were looking to step up their grooming routines to take better care of themselves, but most of the products we saw on the market were terribly uninspired. We wanted to create grooming products with all of the details and lifestyle constraints in a guy's life....things like the size of the area around his sink, TSA concerns, product lifespan, etc. 

Out of all of the products that you have designed, what are you most fond of/connected to, and why?

K: Our solid cologne is certainly our most iconic because when we created it more than five years ago, there was nothing on the market quite like it. Every detail of the container has been thought through to make using it a sensory delight. When most guys try it out for the first time, you can watch the whole thing "click" with them, and it's a great feeling. 

What defines your work or your brand and sets it apart from others out there?

Fragrance and Function go hand in hand for us. Every product has to perform, meeting the highest quality standards. But, it also has to be a great sensory experience. We see getting ready as an important ritual. By making the fragrance truly standout, it makes the process more enjoyable. 

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