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Getting to Know Glaze Studio

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Glaze Studio is run by Akeem Glaze and Stephanie DelVecchio in New York City. The design studio, founded in 2017, creates statement pieces and art objects for the home that people can feel a deep emotional connection to.


What do you design?

We design lifestyle products with distinct attention to detail and an emotive experience in mind.  We launched glaze with an assortment of wooden matchboxes, followed by the introduction of our U Candle earlier this year.

What influenced or caused you to begin designing the products that you design?

We draw on influences from our roots in Palm Beach and the Northeast.  We try to infuse the two lifestyles into our products through color, material, imagery, and vibe.

Out of all of the products that you have designed, what are you most fond of and connected to, and why?

Our first product introduction - the wooden matchbox - is closest to our hearts.  It tells the story of the conception of glaze.  It helped define our studio's ethos through its blend of the Northeast and Palm Beach, its play on redefining an object through scale, material, and form, its amplified product experience, and its essence as an art object.  All of these attributes served as the building blocks of glaze, and continue to guide us through new product creation.

What defines your work or your brand and sets it apart from others out there?

Glaze strives to make every product a statement piece for the home and an art object whose innate value is transformed through new experiences.

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