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Great Gifts for Dog Lovers!

What do you give someone who is in love with their fur-babies?

Auto Dog Mug

You do your best to stay hydrated. How about your dog? Auto Dog Mug is the best dog gadget to help keep your pup hydrated at all times, in all places. Its squeezable shape allows you to fill the attached bowl with water. And if there is any unfinished water, the bottle reabsorbs the exess, preventing the waste of unfinished water!

Available Online.



Brooklyn Dogs Tea Towels

These illustrated tea towels are unique and celebrate the dogs of Brooklyn! Illustrated by Claudia Pearson, whose work has been featured in the New York Times, The New Yorker, and more!

Available Online.



3-D Printed Dog Puzzle

This 3D printed dog puzzle by Locknesters is both a beautiful and fun home object for any dog enthusiast.

Available Online.

$120 (Large Dog Puzzle)


Doggy Dert Bag

This convenient Bag folds up into a little dog charm. Show your love of dogs while on the go, and if you happen to need a bag, you've got one on hand!

Available online.



Check out the Auto Dog Mug in action!

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