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Meet Reed Wilson, Designer & Founder of Reed Wilson Design

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Learn more about Reed Wilson's work and the story behind his product line.


Where are you from? Where do you live and work out of now?

I am from Fort Collins, Colorado. I currently live in and work out of Ferndale, Michigan, which is a ‘burb' of Detroit. Detroitish.

What do you design?

I design miscellaneous home goods. Primary products include doormats and beverage coasters. Actively trying to get some new stuff out for the holiday season.

What influenced you to begin designing the products that you design and make?

AmDC (The American Design Club) actually played an influential role in my companies beginning. I submitted The Neighbors Have Better Stuff doormat to a show they were sponsoring called Threat. It was essentially products designed to thwart home invasions. People started inquiring about purchasing the mat so that’s how it started. That sense of humor and wit is still a driving force in all the products that followed.

Our of all of your products, what are you most fond of?

I’m fond of all the current products, they seem to make people happy and that makes me happy. I’ve been able to legally register several of the doormat slogans, which for me is funny and legitimizing at the same time. (The Neighbors Have Better Stuff, Sup, and Welcome to the Jungle.) I think my favorite beverage coaster is the No Coaster because I grew up in Colorado. There’s always someone around the holiday season that orders a single No Coaster, which to me is sad and funny.

What defines your work and your brand?

I really strive to maintain humor and wit throughout all of the products. I think a tone has been created that is inherent within RWD products that makes them recognizable and sets them apart. The quality of the products as well sets them apart. The doormats for instance are far superior than what’s offered by competitors primarily due to the process in which the lettering is applied to the mat, which ultimately costs more to produce but generates a much better product. That mentality goes into all RWD products.

Follow Reed Wilson Design on Instagram: @reedwilsondesign

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