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Sharing Inspired Scents: We Talked to Commonwealth Provisions' Luke Smith

If you're looking for a way to add some scent into your life, Commonwealth Provisions helps set the tone with their candle and incense fragrances and


Where is Commonwealth Provisions based out of?

Fredericksburg, VA

When and why did you get into candle making?

In 2017 I was looking to do something more creative than my shirt & tie professional life and since my wife & I were always burning candles at home it seemed like a natural thing to experiment with making.

What has been the biggest inspiration behind your scents?

Our scents are inspired by past adventures, childhood memories, and the great outdoors. We like to call them the scents of a life well lived.

Is there a scent that you're most fond of? If so, what is it and why?

My personal favorite is Blue Ridge Campfire. This was a scent I wanted to create from the very beginning because I was never a fan of the other "campfire" candles that were available and wanted one that truly brought a great outdoor campfire into the home.

Where do you see Commonwealth Provisions in the future? Any cool plans or projects in the works?

We would like to continue to expand the reach of Commonwealth Provisions throughout the US with a focus on small boutiques and niche markets. We are also excited to be in the final stages of launching a new line of candles and incense cones.

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