TAY HAM, A Ground-Up Greeting Card Company

After feeling exhausted from the long hours of working as a buyer for a special effects company, Taylor Hamilton (Tay Ham) decided that she needed to do something else on her own. ("Also, paper was cheap")


Taylor Hamilton, creator of TAY HAM, a greeting card company that thrives on layered word play paired with pop culture themes and imagery, says that the success of her company "all happened sort of by accident."


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Taylor Hamilton was born in Texas, raised in New York, and her company is based out of Willmington, North Carolina.

AmDC: What influenced or caused you to begin designing your greeting cards?

Taylor: Honestly it all happened sort of by accident. I was working as a special effects buyer in the film industry. The hours were sooo long and I wanted to start my own thing after the movie wrapped. I signed a lease on a studio with no real plan except nothing to fall back on. Tay Ham was born out of the love of drawing and dumb jokes. Also, paper was cheap.

AmDC: Out of all of your cards, which is your favorite?

Taylor: I am most fond of the Snoop Dogg card. He was one of the first ones I drew. He represents some important milestones too. It was the first card to get picked up by a large retailer. He also danced around with a card on stage at a concert and posted it on his Instagram. We love Snoop.

AmDC: What defines your work? What sets it apart from others that are out there?

Taylor: My illustration style, hand drawn fonts, and layered word play. We are also made in the USA and the cards are 100% recyclable!

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