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The Rustic House - Two Best Friends Who Created a Luxury Candle Brand

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

"Five years ago, two best friends ditched the corporate world to establish a candle company... and the rest is history."

Emily Warr and Chelsea Cash have been best friends since the age of 13. They began testing their soy blend when they were 18. With over 25 years of joint candle-making experience and years of research and development, the two were able to leave their corporate jobs and pursue their own luxury soy candle business!


Where are you both from?

We are from Birmingham, AL but established The Rustic House during college in Chattanooga, TN in 2013.

What was your biggest influence in getting into the luxury candle business?

Our influence came from a lack in the marketplace for what we ourselves wanted. We wanted a chic and timeless design that speaks for itself--from what’s inside the candle to the attractive packaging itself. We wanted a perfectly scented candle that actually fills up the room with scent, no dyes or additives to the wax, no wasted wax left behind, and a long lasting 40-50 hours of burn time for an 8oz candle. We want people to feel like they are actually getting what they pay for. 

"Scent is the #1 most powerful sense of all your 5 senses. We think our ability to create memories and good feelings is really special!"

Which of your products do you feel most connected to?

We currently have only 3 products. Our standard glass, our mini, and our wax melts. We are most fond of our standard glass candles. We are very connected to each glass candle. From the beginning stages of scent creation to the name, and vibes it gives off. They all speak loudly of what we want to represent and how we want people to feel. We think our ability to create memories and good feelings is really special!

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