The Shark & Diver Build Kit by Heavy Eyes Studio!

Heavy Eyes Studio, known for their elaborate window displays for companies such as Hermes, Barneys, and Knoll, have created a shark and diver building kit so you can take on the role of the designer!



With up to seven rows of teeth and able to hear it’s prey from 3000 feet away, the magnificent shark has to be the oceans greatest icon, both inducing terror and inspiring awe, we just can’t keep away…. 

It’s the majestic beast of your nightmares…. and tactical master of subsea fascination, take the king of the ocean into your own hands and breathe life into your very own 3Dimensional Shark and a Diver companion that dares to dance with chance.

Enter the mind of a designer as you build your characters from flat pieces into 3D swimming and kicking reality, and hold in your hand one of the worlds best hunters and a fearless soul to swim along side him. 

Whether you want to be an artist, scientist, explorer, designer or real life shark chaser, take your imagination to the ocean floor, and write your own story for these two amazing characters...

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