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The Typeset Co.

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

The Type Set Co. is a family owned and run business. They reinvented the message board and have created a successful family business through collaboration.

Where is The Type Set Co. based out of? 

We are based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

The Type Set Co. seems to have the entire family involved in the business! How did this come to be? 

We come from a family of family businesses. Our parents and grandparents all make their living as entrepreneurs and have collected trusted and talented family members along the way. The Type Set Co. isn't our first foray into entrepreneurship. There are 3 additional businesses behind the scenes. Ashley's background is in graphic design and photography and her main gig is branding and packaging design. Ashley, her brother Walter, and their cousin Tyrie founded the design firm Braizen in 2011 after Ashley's partnership in another design firm dissolved. The three family members put their heads together to form a more honest, badass approach to the design service industry. We've helped many other product-based business build a solid brands that gives them confidence and credibility. Paul is Ashley's compliment. He's the engineer... he's the guy people call when no one else can figure it out. He runs his own engineering consulting firm as well as working on TTSC. The Type Set Co. is their first true business collaboration.

Is the design process a collaborative process that involves everyone? Or is there somebody on the team who has a strength in design?

The whole process is collaborative. Again, Ashley's the designer and Paul is the engineer. We generally brainstorm as a team, then Ashley sets about designing and Paul helps make sure things are being manufactured efficiently and cost-effectively. Our other family members and employees also contribute a significant amount of time into Type Set as well – from product and package design, marketing, copywriting, packing and shipping. We're capable of basically doing it all in-house (literally). We do all of it from our home office.

What is innovative about your product?

We're proud to have re-invented this iconic product we all know and love. Being about to redesign something and make it more beautiful is innovative in and of itself. Not only did we design beautiful fonts and created solid colored sets, but we also upgraded the magnets in our original classic letter sets. It's like we upgraded a childhood favorite! 

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