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These are Not Your Average Pins!

Studiocult, one of The American Design Club's newest brand features creates incredibly detailed enamel pins for designers and design enthusiasts alike!

Based in Chelsea, Manhattan, Studiocult is right in the middle of it all. The company's products reflect the culture of the digital age that we are living in.


Studiocult founder, Yuliya Veligurskaya, studied architecture before moving on to pursue this business. The influences of her architecture background and her experience of the city are both apparent in the pins that she designs.

But what really makes heads turn when Studiocult's pins are on display, are the program pins, which are so detailed that you feel as though you are looking at the real thing. Pins like the Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator pins, or the MS Paint pins are not your typical pins. First-off, they're so big that they dwarf all other surrounding pins. The subject matter is unexpected, but totally makes sense. People wear pins that represent a part of who they are, and the type of person that they want others to see them as being. Wearing one of these program pins makes it overtly clear that you are a designer or artist of some sort, and you want the world to know.

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