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We Talked to Fell's Jorrien & Tiera: The Husband and Wife Team Inspiring Exploration Through Design

Fell offers simple and modern goods so you can personalize your gear & home, reminding you of your favorite places. Each product is 100% designed by Jorrien & Tiera who also plant a tree for every order placed!


We like how you focus on design with a sense of place. Where does your design process start?

Fell is a type of landscape and we draw inspiration from our home in Utah and our many adventures. In particular adventures in nature - that's where we often think of our best ideas. Nature, and long road trips while the kids are sleeping haha!

Fell's postcards are helping keep the art of writing alive. What has been the most memorable message someone's written to you?

An elementary school teacher wrote us a note talking about how she hung one of our maps in her classroom. She said how much the kids loved looking at it each day and pointing out different icons and that she loved watching them explore with their eyes. That was the best note to receive!

Do you have a favorite product from your collection? If so, what is it and why?

That's such a hard question! One of our all-time favorites though is our World Map. It represents so many things we love; travel, culture, history, and maps! It's also brought us a variety of awards and recognition which has helped boost our confidence as artists - so we loved that!


Where do you see Fell in the future? Are there any cool plans or projects in the works?

We talk about so many different ideas all the time! As creatives, it's hard to reel in the ideas sometimes, we have far more than we'll ever be able to do! Some shorter-term projects we're looking forward to are finishing the state maps, an outdoor alphabet print, and expanding to more Canadian-themed products. Long term, we've had ideas for an outdoor kids clothing line and would love to create more three-dimensional products.

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