Why You Should Choose Your Art Frames Wisely

It's all about the art, so why are we so concerned about frames?

The right frame can give a work of art a higher perceived value.

A bad frame can do the exact opposite.

Meet Alex Reyes, the maker of The American Design Club Frames.

What's the difference between a high-quality frame that is made by one person and a low-quality frame that is made by anonymous people and machines? The obvious answer is quality. The not-so-obvious answer: the thought process behind the frame's design, which enhances the art.

"The wrong frame can degenerate the beauty of a work of art, so we consciously created frames with a single purpose: to enhance the artwork within."

What is The American Design Club/Why Make Frames?

The American Design Club represents American designers, makers, and artists. The company also produces its own products. Kiel Mead, director of The American Design Club, along with Alex Reyes, the company's designated maker, wanted to create a product that could be sold at the American Design Club's multiple retail locations, without having to compete with the brands that the company represented.

That's how they came up with the idea to produce frames. The frames drastically improved the display of prints and artwork at the Club's retail locations. Going from prints in vinyl sleeves, stacked in easels, to hand-crafted wooden frames adorning the walls of the company's retail spaces, created a huge visual difference, and more effectively conveyed the actual value of these prints.

More About the Prints:

The prints at The American Design Club are letterpress and screen prints that have been created in print studios in the U.S. Each work is typically one in a series, giving customers the opportunity to collect and own real artwork.