• Bear (Large) was the first Locknester, with his friend Small Bear following soon thereafter. Their five pieces make for a straightforward puzzle to put together, they look fantastic as a display piece either together or as individuals.  

    Bear and Small Bear's polished surface offers a distinctively smooth feel and allows their pieces to slide easily together. All Locknesters are hand sanded, barrel tumbled, and top coated to create a final product that is the result of devotion to craftsmanship and quality. 


    Large Bear - 10.5"

    Small Bear - 8.5"

    Buddy Bear - 6.5"



    Locknesters Buddies are ideal companions to hang around your house or office, and make a perfect gift. These three piece puzzles are great fun to take apart and assemble, collect both to make sure your buddies don't get lonely.

    Bear Puzzle (3D Printed) - 3 Sizes

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