• Artist - Daniella Trigo


    "This is a two color Risograph print in which I wanted to take full advantage of the overlapping colors, shades and visual textures offered by this printing method. The image splits a circle into slices or segments that create the illusion of a fan in motion.

    Risography is a printing technique originated in Japan in the 1980’s that uses soy based ink. It is often used for comics and zines, but I wanted to push the limits and use it for art prints.

    These were printed in Brooklyn on uncoated 181 gsm paper. The print features different shades of two colors with the overlaps creating more colors and shades. The edition consists of only 50 prints; this is a super limited run!"


    We love this print because of the its vibrant colors and visible layering of ink. 


    This print is the perfect accent for a space that needs some color and warmth!

    "Fan" Print - by Daniella Trigo

    • 10"x10"

      Risograph print

      Printed in Brooklyn on uncoated 181 gsm paper

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