• The Public Radio is a single station FM radio housed in the simplest enclosure we could find: a mason jar. It's a totally uncomplicated device - just an antenna and a volume knob


    Why we love it: 

    It is an unique yet functional object and a sure conversation starter. 


    Why you'll love it:

    Whether you're buying this for yourself, or as a gift for someone else, this little radio is sure to satisfy. It has great sound quality and is so simple to use, which is a much needed break from all of the complicated multifunctional gadgets that we have nowadays!



    The Public Radio is proudly assembled in the USA. 

    Public Radio - Mason Jar Radio

      • Takes two AA batteries. 
      • The Public Radio is like any other FM radio, and will only work on stations within your normal listening range.
      • Want brighter highs or bassier bass? The Public Radio will fit any wide mouth mason jar - feel free to experiment
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