• Artist - Daniella Trigo


    "This is a two color Risograph print playing on the idea of quilt squares and their iconic variation on a theme. The squares repeat but their insides vary within a set structure. I also wanted to play with gradients and color mixing available through risograph printing. Counterposing two gradients truly creates boundless colors; in this case however, they are bound by the geometric scaffolding.

    Risography is a printing technique originated in Japan in the 1980’s that uses soy based ink. It is often used for comics and zines, but I wanted to push the limits and use it for art prints.

    These were printed in Brooklyn on uncoated 181 gsm paper. The colors range from punchy fluo pink and yellow, to more muted green and violet, and from pure spot color to infinite mixed tones. The edition consists of only 50 prints; this is a super limited run!"

    "Quilt Gradient" Print - by Daniella Trigo

    • 11"x17"

      Risograph print

      Printed in Brooklyn on uncoated 181 gsm paper

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