• In collaboration with British print designer Samantha Warren, this is the ideal clutch bag to complete your look. It's the perfect size to store your favorite items and can easily be tucked under your arm or handheld in style. 

    This clutch has a stylish tan leather flap which is secured with a copper stud. It also benefits from a zipped pocket at the back, perfect for storing your cards and loose change. 

    The design of the bag is simple yet elegant and executed with natural materials. 
    The firey design is inspired by a holiday in Iceland and makes a great accessory to wear with your outfit. 

    Measurements: 10 in. X 7.5 in. 
    Fabric: Cotton canvas, cow leather

    Designed in Brooklyn, NY and London, UK.

    Made in India

    Skinny Vinny -Freyja Clutch

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