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Submissions will be welcomed from everyone--as long as they consider themselves a designer or maker.

Because we want all objects to participate in the conversation of sharing through reflection, there are no material stipulations.


The social media age provides the average user with a platform to contribute to the collective conversation. It has fostered a new awareness in the way we see ourselves and are perceived by others. We put our social approval on the line, and risk being canceled, with every post we type.

The selfie is neutral, both a constraint and a freedom. We curate which elements of our identity and chosen environment are seen. Mirrors, and other reflective objects, allow the two to intertwine within a single frame. The exploration of self through material objects prompts reflection about our being, belongings, and spaces. Mirror selfies invite others to view and approve or disapprove. The caption “felt cute, might delete” grants us permission to undo the action and explore another avenue.

In Might Delete: Objects That Share the Reflected Narrative, designers and makers will create reflective objects that promote the capturing of ourselves at the show’s space. It is up to us to determine which pictures we’ll take, upload, and might delete.


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